Remember the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Well today it may should be changed to "A picture is worth thousands more"! Here at Lewis Realty we believe it, that's why we focus on high quality images on many of our properties.

98% of home buyers start on the internet. A good broker ensures that their listings or rental properties are on as many "channels" as possible (real estate websites) to reach exposure. A good broker will run out to get new pictures with that nice little point and click camera as soon as the listing agreement or the property management agreement is signed and marvel at how easy and quick it was to to get the photos.

Lucky for us this is not enough!!

Think about it . . . you are shopping for a home and mindlessly pressing the scroll down key through all the thumbnails looking for something that strikes your attention. Most brokers use point and click cameras so it gets a bit monotonous. But then . . . you see that perfect living room with that perfect marlin hanging on the wall overlooking that perfect ocean view out the windows . . yeah . .you click on it.



Courtesy of Redfin


So what is a professional home photograph? Here are a few points that we focus on here at Lewis Realty Associates, Inc

-Wide Angle - We use the widest angle lens possible that does not distort the sides of the photo. This allows us to capture most of the room if not all.

-DSLR Camera - Basically a fancy camera that allows us to change lens according to the shot and manually control items like exposure, aperture and ISO. We also use a tripod on most shots as we can better place the shot.

-Post Processing - Several computer programs that allow us to shoot the same scene in different exposures and then blend the photos into one photo to capture more of what the eye sees (camera lenses do not see as well as our eyes). What this allows us to do is capture the living room in a well lit manner as well as the ocean view out the windows instead of the typical broker photo where the windows are nothing more than a bright white light. Remember . . . Location, Location, Location? Yeah that ocean view is just as important as the living room.

-Shot Placement - Of course, you can't just walk into a room and snap a photo to expect good results. We find that the corners of the room many time offers unique views of the entire room or framing a particularly unique selling point of the home. 

To put all this in perspective, here is an example of a home we shot the "Old Way" and "The New Way".


This is the same home and same room. The left hand shot was with your typical point and click camera (notice the small view and the bright windows) while the right hand shot was with a DSLR Wide Angle along with several shots blended together in post processing. The end result is that we have much of the large room captured and even the sound views out the back. The internet and marketing is simple . . .Tell a Story . . which photo tells a story for you? (note: this image has been down sampled for this blog for load speeds.)


Our market share has steadily increase since we begin using technology to better market homes with our photography, videos and even aerial photos. It simply puts your homes best foot forward!!

  • Aerial Photography & Aerial Property Videos - showing your property off in a unique and attention grabbing manner . . . "From Where the Seagulls Fly, The Air!!!!"

    aerial shot- topsail island nc

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Chris Rackley

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