Are you looking for a new place to call home? If you want your next home to be a picturesque town filled with sandy beaches, small mom-and-pop shops, and outdoor adventures, Topsail Island is a beautiful place for you to consider. Though it’s well-known for being a popular tourist vacation destination during the summer months, it’s an excellent place to live full-time or part-time. 

If you are beginning the search to find a new home, then you should consider Topsail real estate. Due to its prime location, mild weather, small-town atmosphere, and affordable island living, many people enjoy visiting and staying on the island. We’ll go into more detail about some of the reasons that make Topsail Island a great place to live and why you should consider choosing Topsail Island to be your next home. 

Climate and Location

Why buy Topsail homes? There are many reasons to buy Topsail homes, but one of the big reasons people enjoy spending time there is because of the climate and location. With beautiful weather and views, it’s the perfect vacation destination or home for those looking to escape the busy city life on the mainland. 

The twenty-six-mile island is located just off the coast of North Carolina, near the town of Wilmington. It is made up of three towns– Topsail Beach, Surf City, and North Topsail Island. All three towns have beautiful beaches, parks, and piers to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds the island. 

Depending on your real estate needs and community preferences, you may prefer one town over the other. It’s important to take an in-person visit to all three towns before you make a definite decision on the location of your next home. However, all three towns share beautiful outdoor opportunities and a small-town atmosphere that you can enjoy. 

While the island is not immune to possible hurricanes or storms, it is not especially prone to severe rainy weather more than any other area on the North Carolina coast. During the winter months, residents can expect chilly night temperatures in the thirties and cool days in the fifties or early sixties. Because of the mild weather, it’s an excellent place to live full-time, though the island receives the most visitors during the summer and spring months. 

Relaxed Atmosphere

Are you looking to escape the busy grind and stress of living in big cities? Maybe you are retired and looking for a slower pace of life. Or, perhaps, you are looking for a place to raise your kids that has a small-town community atmosphere. Whatever your situation, Topsail Island has a relaxed and slow approach to life that is different from towns on the mainland. 

During the offseason, you can expect quiet winters filled with beautiful empty beaches and a smaller selection of restaurants and bars that remain open. When spring comes around, the island starts coming back to life, with many people coming to experience the warm waters, tranquil beaches, and relaxing island atmosphere. 

Plenty of Shops and Activities

In the center of the island, the town Surf City is known for being the heartbeat of the island, particularly during the warm summer months. Tourists flock to the community for its vacation appeal. Filled with boutiques, delicious seaside restaurants, fun bars, community events, and surfing opportunities, the island comes alive during the summer. 

With fresh seafood plentiful, perhaps even caught right outside of the restaurant, there are many delicious dining options. During the summer months, the restaurants tend to get busy with the influx of visitors vacationing on the island. But, during less busy times of the year, you can enjoy your favorite spots without a long wait time.

Besides the beach boutiques and outdoor activities available, there are also opportunities to learn and understand more about the history of the island. With a rich and interesting history, you won’t be bored learning about Topsail Island at the Missles and More Museum


The island is very active in wildlife conservation efforts, especially the loggerhead sea turtle. Every year, the island is home to nesting turtles. Mother turtles lay their eggs in nests located on beaches throughout the island. Hatchlings will then make their way back to the sea after a period of time. 

Many tourists and locals love to witness the hatchlings make their way back to the ocean. The Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center works to save injured turtles and maintain the beaches, so they are hospitable for the turtle nesting cycle. The center offers tours of the facility, as well as volunteering and donating opportunities for those who would like to get more involved in the preservation of the island’s natural wildlife.

There are also hiking opportunities where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the area. You can take your dogs with you on a walk through the forest or along the beach throughout the different seasons. With the island’s mild weather, walking year-round is entirely possible. 

Affordable Island Living

One of the great benefits of Topsail Island is the affordable living options. Generally, most places located along beaches or the coast remain relatively expensive. Beach houses in popular tourist vacation cities and towns can easily sell for millions of dollars. Because of the peaceful water views and beach access, islands typically carry hefty price tags for most properties as there is always a demand for beautiful water views and beachfront access. 

However, Topsail real estate boasts affordable living options that make it a popular home for retirees, those who want a second home, and families looking for a beautiful place to raise their kids. People who are looking to buy Topsail homes will enjoy the affordable options. Though it’s a popular tourist destination during the summer months, you’ll still find affordable permanent housing options.

With recent real estate developments, including condos and beach houses, you can find a property that fits your budget. Also, depending on which town you want to live in, there are options for various budgets. Surf City and North Topsail Beach have affordable condos for sale that are perfect for those looking to downsize. More often than not, Topsail real estate has oceanfront views or is within walking distance of beaches or parks, no matter what town your property is located in. 

With the island’s stunning beaches, amazing outdoor opportunities, interesting wildlife, and affordability, Topsail is a great place to call home. If you love spending time outdoors and are searching for a home that can provide you with a bit of serenity and tranquility in your daily life, then you should consider looking into Topsail real estate. The island is home to lively summer events and an active local community that make it a fun destination for tourists. In the winter, locals enjoy the calm and chilly beauty of empty winter beaches. Whether you want to live on the island full-time or would like to buy a home for part-time living, Topsail island real estate is an affordable coastal living option. If you’re ready to continue your next home search on Topsail Island, take a look at some of the current listings available or get in touch with our team.