Topsail Island has exciting news coming from the Topsail Island Chamber of Commerce! The Topsail Island area will host the "Fireball Run - Space Race" in September 2015. The Fireball run is describe as an action packed trivia based car rally with the teammates as the pawns and America has the game board.

The Fireball Run - Space Race starts in Hartford, CT and ends in the Florida Space Coast Fireball Run Space Race Topsail Island NC(Cape Caniveral/Cocoa Beach). There is no other perfect Fireball Run for Topsail Island since the rocket technology of today owes some credit to Topsail Island and Operation Bumblebee in the 1950s testing rockets on our beaches. Here is a promotional video about the Fireball Run - Space Race.

Contestants and guests of the Fireball Run will include but not be limited to Astronauts from the United States, Brazil and India along with several large corporation owners, politicians and some celebrities.

We are currently awaiting the actual schedule of local events which will include a reception among other things.

Proceeds raised for the non profit event will go to Child Resue Network for missing children.

We will post more information as soon as its available but go ahead and count Topsail Island in for the Space Race!!