In a recent Star News Article, I learned that once again the Town of Topsail Beach, NC is considering paid parking to raise revenues.

This was also considered back in 2013 but thankfully did not come to pass.

Don't get me wrong, paid parking is not evil. It is needed in some areas, New York City, LA, and yes probably even Wrightsville Beach, NC among any other area where visitors exceed parking spaces but still continue to come.  But not in Topsail Beach, NC!!

Let's take Wrightsville Beach for example - they have had paid parking for years. Has it been a bad thing? No. Why not? Because Wrightsville Beach is the ONLY choice for beach go'ers in that area of Wilmington, NC.

Topsail Beach is a long ride to the south end of Topsail Island. It is not easily accessible, it Satire of Topsail Beach, NC Considering Paid Parkingis not a "pass through" area. It is a destination that offers the beach and the ocean, same as the two other towns on the island (not to say Topsail Beach does not have a great personality, I love it!). But are "day trippers" or "beach go'ers" going to continue to travel to the south end, passing the beach and free parking in Surf City and North Topsail Beach to go to Topsail Beach and pay to park? No.

The already very low traffic flow will disappear very fast and the local businesses in the town will be affected from the lack of traffic. There goes people's hard work in their businesses and the town's revenue from the local businesses. 

So without becoming an economist, it's easy to theorize that what revenue will be raised from the paid parking will be offset with the revenue lost from local businesses. 

Topsail Beach has done some great things in recent years with a new town marina, parking area at the south tip, beach restoration and expanded water capabilities to just name a few off the top of my head. I understand they must need some additional revenue. There has to be other ways without decreasing the town's one industry . .Tourism.

I will say it again . . .I love Topsail Beach, I really do, but I must disagree with this idea and say emphatically DO NOT DO IT!! 

I encourage everyone to voice your opinion on the matter whether in agreement or disagreement.


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