We just wanted to do a short update and offer some recommendations for our two Photo Contests (I <3 Topsail & the new Selfie Contest) for the summer of 2014 (both have prices of a free off season condo weekend).


The Selfie Contest is the first of this kind of photo contest that we have put on. We have noticed that some individuals may have clicked the wrong contest or did not understand the "trendy" term of a "selfie".


A "Selfie" is a photo in which the person in the photo or someone in their group that is in the photo holds the camera out and snaps a picture. It is not when someone stands away and snaps a photo unless they too are in the photo. Here are a couple famous "selfies":





Some of the photos in the selfies contest appear to not be actual selfies . . and we have had some contestants point this out to us.

In order to be fair to all, we are going to remove those photos from the selfie contest. We may or may not be able to notify everyone that they have been removed. So if you see that you photo has been removed from the contest, please add it to the 4th Annual I <3 Topsail Photo contest for the same kind of prize as it would fit better there.


We are also going to set up the Selfie Contest to allow us to approve all entries before they are officially submitted so we can ensure that we keep this contest fair as possible.


A helpful pointer for either contest, be sure to share your entry among friends so they vote for it. We don't judge the photo, it is whoever has the highest number of votes at the end of the contest.


Here is a helpful little screen shot showing which tab you should click to access the two different contests we are running right now.




Thanks to all that are playing in the contest past and present.