RadCity Step-Thru

Mutiny EBikes recently announced they will soon begin to rent electric bikes on Topsail Island, NC.

Electric bikes are a very cool and new kind of bike. These "ebikes" offer a powerful electric motor that give the rider pedal assist or full electric throttle with no pedaling.

The pedal assist is great if you have an injury and need a little help pedaling or if you are pacing your workout. The fullthrottle with no pedaling is really cool if you just want to feel the breeze in your hair while sipping your favorite beverage while cruising along Topsail Island's very long bike path. 

Mutiny EBikes offer two different selections of electric bikes, the RadCity and the RadMini. Both boast speeds up to 25 mph and have a range of up to 45 miles before charging!

The RadCity is a larger bike that is perfect for taller individuals but does adjust to shorter statures. The RadMini fits most adults and even folds up for easy transportation!


Mutiny EBikes will set up shop in late June out front Lewis Realty Associates, Inc.'s office located at 320 N. New River Drive in late to mid June. They will offer daily and weekly rental packages. Lewis Realty is working with Mutiny Ebikes to secure a special promotional deal for Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. vacation rental guests. 

You can keep up with the Mutiny at their website, https://www.ebiketopsail.com/ or on their facebook page, https://facebook.com/mutinyebikes.