If you're looking for a home on the coast, you should consider Topsail Island's luxury oceanfront properties. Situated off the coast of North Carolina, the island boasts miles of sandy beaches, beautiful maritime forests, and abundant local wildlife. With breathtaking views of the ocean and the sound, there's a lot to love about life on Topsail Island. 

There are many properties scattered throughout the island that are perfect for those who are looking for a mix of luxury and tranquility. The oceanfront estates on Topsail Island feature high-end amenities amidst a beautiful landscape. You'll find these properties located in all three towns.

If you're searching for a vacation home or permanent residence, Topsail Island might be the perfect location for you. If you enjoy luxurious living on the coast, you'll love to call the island home. We'll explore the features of Topsail Island's most exclusive and luxurious properties to show why the island is the perfect place to buy a home. 

Why Choose to Live on Topsail Island?

If you've never visited Topsail Island before, you may be wondering what makes the island so special. Compared to other neighboring beach towns, Topsail Island offers a superior and unique coastal experience. With plenty of coastline and natural beauty, the properties on Topsail Island are designed with luxury and simplicity in mind to maximize coastal living. 

Once on the island, you'll discover why so many visitors flock to the beaches every summer, and prefer Topsail Island over other beach towns. The quiet neighborhoods, exclusive community amenities, and charming towns make the island a fantastic place to live. Whether you choose to live in a large beachfront home that's perfect for entertaining or you prefer a small property overlooking the ocean, there are plenty of options.

Coastal Lifestyle

On Topsail Island, you'll enjoy a unique way of life. The coastal lifestyle on the island is like a breath of fresh air for those coming from busy cities. Life is slowed way down on the island. You might spend the morning out on the water fishing, then take the whole afternoon to enjoy a glass of wine or two on one of many restaurant patios overlooking the ocean. This luxurious kind of lifestyle emphasizes the natural beauty of the island. 

Breathtaking Views

You'll find breathtaking views all around the island. Whether your home has a view of the sound or your property faces the ocean, you'll enjoy the coastal views and all the perks that come with it. You may look out your living room window to find dolphins swimming in the water or you may look down at the beach and see a sea turtle nesting. 

For those lucky enough to own an oceanfront home on Topsail Island, every day is unique as you'll get to observe the wildlife from your house and explore the coast right outside of your door. A unique feature of the area that's different from other coastal towns is the amount of available waterfront. Topsail Island has properties for sale that feature views of the sound or the ocean. 

Where Can You Purchase Luxury Real Estate on the Island?

Oceanfront estates on Topsail Island offer a luxury coastal experience. Fortunately, there are many oceanfront estates all throughout the island. So no matter what town or neighborhood you want to live in, there are many options that are close to the waterfront. You'll be able to choose from three different towns on the island–North Topsail Beach, Surf City, and Topsail Beach. All three towns offer oceanfront properties that are the pinnacle of luxury and tranquility.

However, choosing between these options might be challenging as they offer unique and luxurious experiences. Each town has its own distinct charm and features that make it an incredible place to live. From North Topsail Beach's luxurious and exclusive communities to the natural beauty of Topsail Beach's uncrowded shores, there are plenty of attributes to admire about these areas. 

North Topsail Beach

At the north end of the island, you'll find many luxurious oceanfront properties. From large beachfront homes to properties with incredible views and amenities, it may be difficult to decide which home to buy. Besides the amazing oceanfront estates on Topsail Island's north side, you'll also get to enjoy the upscale communities and neighborhoods. Many communities have private high-end features such as swimming pools, grilling stations, docks, and gathering spaces. 

North Topsail Beach is also known for its trails, parks, pristine beaches, and maritime forests. If you're interested in nature, you'll love exploring this end of the island. From beachcombing for shark teeth at the northern tip of the island to observing the local wildlife, there's much to appreciate about the natural beauty of North Topsail Beach.

Surf City

Surf City offers a different vibe than North Topsail Beach and Topsail Beach. At the center of the island, it's in close proximity to all of the fun activities and essential services. Because of this central location, Surf City is a popular destination for visitors to the island. If you're looking to buy a home with great rental income potential, Surf City is a great option. Many visitors look to book a rental in the area, as they'll be able to walk or take a short drive to the restaurants and shops. It's also near some great businesses that offer surfing lessons, wildlife education, and more fun activities. 

There are many locally owned restaurants, shops, bars, and other businesses in this area. If you enjoy socializing and participating in community events, you'll love being near all of the exciting action. With so many fun things to do in Surf City, you'll love living in this part of the island. 

Topsail Beach

Topsail Beach is a small community located at the southern end of the island. Here, you'll find many oceanfront estates that offer a tranquil environment for enjoying some surf and sun. The town is known for its quiet streets and peaceful neighborhoods that offer a calm retreat from the business of regular life. Whether you're looking for a vacation home or you want to live in the area on a more permanent basis, Topsail Beach is a beautiful area with amazing amenities. 

If you're looking for breathtaking views, a home in Topsail Beach may be the perfect option for you. The sunsets at this end of the island are gorgeous. If you choose to buy one of the oceanfront estates on Topsail Island, you'll get to enjoy these magnificent views over the water.

For those who are looking for luxury homes on the coast, you should consider Topsail Island. The oceanfront estates on Topsail Island have a lot to offer home buyers. From breathtaking views of the ocean to luxurious and upscale communities, buying a property on Topsail Island has many upsides. You'll also have a lot of options for oceanfront properties, as the island has miles of coastline. With so many options, you may have a hard time choosing the perfect property. Our team can help you navigate the tricky home-buying process to ensure that you end up with the right oceanfront home. Contact us today or start searching available listings.