Things to Consider When Buying Waterfront Property on Topsail Island, NC


Waterfront property is the most sought after location, location, location of real estate especially in our market here at Topsail Island, NC.


But with any new endeavor there are things to consider and not to surprise you, buying coastal property comes with its own implications and processes to help ensure a wise investment.


  1. Can you build?? You or your agent needs to verify that all setbacks, restrictions and flood zoning will indeed allow you to build the home of your dreams. Much of the regulations in North Carolina come from CAMA, a state agency, that rules on how or what we can build on Topsail. For example, oceanfront property must be built beyond the Cama buffer or 60' from the stable line of vegetation. A surveyor and the Cama officer will be able to help determined if there is enough land beyond the buffer to build.
  2. The Structure Itself? Being in a salt environment and on the coast, homes at Topsail Oceanfront at North Topsail Beach NCIsland are subjected to abnormal conditions. Be sure to inspect the home for all flood requirements, HVAC systems, siding or window issues to name just a few.
  3. Insurance? If the home is located in a flood zone and you are getting a loan you will be required to purchase flood insurance. Rates are dramatically different sometimes from house to house depending on zoning, elevation, house height and construction. Confirm the flood zone, gain an elevation certificate and get quotes from insurance company to help make sure there are no surprises.
  4. Maintenance Costs? The salt air and wind are tough on homes. Have a home inspector or contractor inspect the property for maintenance that may be needed. Also if the home is on a rental program you can request copies of the work orders to get an idea of what has been performed. Typically oceanfront homes require more maintenance than any other on Topsail Island.
  5. What precautions should be taken? Do you have children or pets? If so, you may want to think of a way to make sure they cannot make it to the water unattended. How about the boat house area? Are objects stored high so that if there are flood waters they will not float away?


Waterfront property on Topsail Island is great and sure to be a sound investment with lasting memories if you are prepared and knowledgeable in the purchase process. 

Our agents have sold many waterfront properties and strive to stay on top of all the implications, contact one today if you think local knowledge is beneficial to you!