Topsail Island is a hidden treasure on the Atlantic coast. This 26-mile long island features welcoming sands, immense natural beauty, and some of the best coastal living in the United States. This island is also a top beach destination each summer, with a tourism season that extends well throughout the year. 

Many who visit Topsail Island come back each year, booking their favorite rental as part of a family tradition. For some people, a few weeks out of the year is not enough for their beach fix and they wish to make the beach a permanent fixture of their life. If you are one of these people, you might be looking at purchasing coastal property.

The top reasons to purchase a home on Topsail Island 

There are several reasons to purchase real estate on Topsail Island. Some people really appreciate the affordable cost of coastal living that is found on Topsail Island, especially in comparison to other oceanfront communities. Topsail Island also works well for a wide variety of buyers. Whether it’s a vacation home, a rental property, or a permanent residence, there are properties available on or off the island that suit a wide variety of different situations and budgets. 

People often like Topsail Island because it’s close enough to cities like Wilmington and Jacksonville. If you’ve exhausted your weekend options on Topsail Island, the Carolina Beach Boardwalk is located not too far off the island. 

Renting before you buy 

Purchasing a home on Topsail Island is a little bit different than buying a home in a regular neighborhood. Renting will help you know the community a little bit better. For example, you will know what it’s like to live on the beach, on the sound, or just a few blocks away from the beach. Many people become permanent Topsail Island residents after years of coming to the island and falling in love with the community. 

The essential steps to buying a home on or near Topsail Island

If you’ve decided that it’s time to make the move, these steps can help you find the perfect home, whether it’s on the island in Surf City or across the bay at Sneads Ferry. 

Make a list that defines exactly what you want 

This is the first criteria when it comes to picking a home. Do you want to be on the beach throughout the year or is the beach a weekend activity you are okay driving through? How close do you want to be to your neighbors? What types of conveniences are important to you? These are important factors and could define whether your dream home is on or off the island. Keep in mind that your budget will not eliminate homes on the island. You may very well find a cozy three bedroom home in the neighborhoods of Surf City, with the beach just a short walk or drive away. 

Here are some of the most important things to think about when making a list that you want in your dream home:

  • Know the area: Topsail Island offers clean beaches, a local artists scene, and seafood is an important part of the culture. 
  • Check out some of the local schools: Topsail Island High School is among the best in the state, with a graduation rate of 95%, which is well over the state’s average of 86%. Students also perform extremely well on standardized test scores.
  • Know the “bustle” of the area: Topsail is typically busy during the summer months and into the fall. If you are okay with a light tourism scene, you will be happy with the Greater Topsail community. 

Check out some of the top communities 

Whether you live on or off the island, you will find the community that is just perfect for your needs:

  • Surf City: Surf City is the heart of Topsail Island. Here, you will find the concentration of schools, amenities like supermarkets, and activities. 
  • Topsail Beach: Topsail Beach combines a sense of rural living with restaurants, coffee shops, and a smaller number of tourists. 
  • North Topsail Beach: North Topsail Beach offers an urban living environment in a small town setting. Most people who live in North Topsail Beach are younger working professionals or retirees. 
  • Holly Ridge: Holly Ridge offers a nice sense of what it might feel like to live on the island. Holly Ridge is often known as the gateway to the beaches. 
  • Sneads Ferry: Sneads Ferry was first known for commercial fishing. It offers a nice proximity to the beach and is a fair distance from the city. 
  • Hampstead: Hampstead is known for its great seafood. You will also find great shopping, ranging from boutiques to mainstream shopping malls. In some ways, it’s the version of Surf City that is not on the island. 

Find a budget that is suitable for your needs

There are houses on Topsail Island that retail for well over $1 million. There are also smaller family homes that meet a smaller budget. These tend to be located away from the beach,but are close enough to the action. Generally speaking, more expensive properties will be exclusively oceanfront. 

Start the process of shopping for homes  

If you live out-of-state, the Internet and telephone will play a critical role connecting you to a professional realtor, like Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. Once you find a realtor that you like working with, you might want to make an in-person visit to Topsail Island. This is the perfect opportunity to look at homes that you like and start narrowing down your list.

Making an offer and closing 

When you make an offer, there is a lot of paperwork involved. An inspection will help uncover any issues with the home. Your real estate agent will help you with the process. Once you’ve closed on your home, you are finally in your dream home with the beach access that you want. 

Let Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. help you find your dream home on Topsail Island 


Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. is known to homeowners and tourists on Topsail Island. We have over sixty years of experience serving buyers and sellers in a booming market. Our team of professionals has over 150+ years of combined real estate experience. Whether you are looking for coastal property or something central on the island, our team can help you close on your dream home.