Topsail Island is home to some beautiful beachfront properties that perfectly fit a luxury lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a private oasis to soak up the natural beauty of the coast or you want a large property to host fun gatherings, there are many exclusive beachfront properties throughout Topsail Island. 

On Topsail Island's most exclusive properties, you'll encounter a host of luxury amenities. From private swimming pools to hot tubs with a stunning view of the ocean, purchasing a luxury home on the island offers a truly unique living experience. We'll dive deeper into the world of luxury living on Topsail Island, including discussing locations and possible amenities available.

Why Buy a Beachfront Property on Topsail Island?

There are a lot of beach communities along the east coast, so why choose Topsail Island? There are a lot of reasons to love Topsail Island. But one of the most significant reasons why visitors come to the island every summer is to experience the pristine sandy beaches that remain uncrowded throughout the season. The 26-mile-long island is narrow with a lot of coastlines, so there are many beachfront or oceanfront properties for sale. 

Besides the natural beauty of the island, buying a luxury property on Topsail Island is also a good investment. Beachfront properties tend to retain their value over time. So, if you decide to sell the home in the future, you can feel confident you'll get a high offer. Plus, due to the high number of visitors to the island, it's easy to make a profit renting out your property throughout the year. 

Where Should You Buy a Beachfront Property on Topsail Island?

Though Topsail Island is often referred to as a singular identity, it's actually made up of three distinct towns. North Topsail Beach, Surf City, and Topsail Beach are vibrant communities with their own distinctive features. Depending on your preferences, you may prefer one of the luxury homes in a specific town. 

North Topsail Beach

At this end of the island, you'll find some truly spectacular properties for sale. If you're looking for some of the most exclusive beachfront properties on Topsail Island, you'll need to check out the homes here. With lush maritime forests and nesting sea turtles, the north end of the island is a haven for local wildlife. It won't take much luck to observe some of the wildlife from the comfort of your luxury home in North Topsail Beach.

Though North Topsail properties are perfect if you're looking for a secluded retreat. There are a few great public parks in the area to enjoy. The North Topsail Beach Town Park is a great place to spend the day, as there are tons of activities to enjoy. From volleyball courts to fishing piers, there is something for everyone to do. 

Surf City

If you're looking for a vibrant beach community, you'll love Surf City. Many high-end restaurants are located here. Additionally, many local businesses and small shops are in this community, making it an engaging place to live. 

If you love being near all of the action, you'll appreciate the neighborhoods in Surf City. Plus, at this location, you'll be near the mainland. So, if you want to be near essential businesses, like grocery stores and health clinics, you'll like how Surf City is close to everything. Also, if you want to head to a neighboring town for a day trip, it's quick to do so. 

Topsail Beach

For those looking for a slow pace of life, Topsail Beach will be the perfect place to call home. The quiet streets and peaceful neighborhoods make this an ideal place to buy a home. If you're looking for a family-friendly neighborhood, you'll love the south end of the island. Plus, you'll love the stunning sunsets over the water at this end of the island.

Though Topsail Beach is a quiet part of the island, there are still a few select locally-owned restaurants and businesses that give the town character. For example, there are a couple of popular restaurants located in this part of the island, including the Beach Shop & Grill and Breezeway Restaurant. 

What Kind of Luxury Features Will You Encounter on Beachfront Properties?

For those looking for luxury homes, it's important to consider the kind of features and amenities available. On Topsail Island, you'll have a ton of natural amenities to look forward to, including private beachfront access, pristine sandy beaches, and beautiful views. However, the exclusive beachfront properties on Topsail Island typically have other features that enhance beachfront living. 

Balconies and Porches With a View

Most luxury beachfront homes on the island make good use of the stunning views of the water. It's not unusual for houses to have three or more balconies and porches. From third-floor master bedroom balconies to large porches right off the living room, most homes have extensive outdoor living areas. These outdoor spaces are essential in an idyllic beachfront property, as you'll want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Outdoor Showers

With beachfront properties, you'll want to have convenient features as well. Most luxury properties feature an outdoor shower so you won't track in sand. With this amenity, it makes it easy for you to go back and forth between the beach and your home throughout the day. 


Another convenient feature in most luxury properties on the island is an in-house elevator. Most homes are several stories high. While this design is great for getting amazing views, it can be challenging for some people to deal with long flights of stairs. An elevator makes the property more accessible for everyone. 

Updated Interiors

Many luxury beachfront properties on Topsail Island have updated interiors designed to emphasize the natural beauty of the coast. You'll find that most homes have large windows overlooking the water. You'll also find that most luxury properties on the island were built with entertaining guests in mind. In many homes, there are large living areas and kitchens that are perfect for hosting multiple guests.

Private Pools/Hot tubs

With such gorgeous natural beauty, a lot of the luxury amenities focus on the outdoors. Some properties have private pools and hot tubs. If you're looking for outdoor amenities that can entertain the whole family then having your own private swimming pool is the perfect amenity. The island doesn't have any public swimming pools, so having your own private pool is a worthwhile feature. Additionally, if you're looking for a property that offers a relaxing retreat, you'll appreciate having your own private hot tub with a view of the water.

Topsail Island is an ideal place to buy a luxury beachfront property, thanks to the miles of sandy beaches, charming towns, and properties with many high-end amenities. Whether you're looking for a private secluded retreat with beautiful views or you want the perfect property for entertaining and enjoying the beach, there are plenty of options located throughout the island. If you're ready to start looking through Topsail Island's most exclusive beachfront communities for the perfect property, take a look at our available listings or get in touch with us.