More testimonials from clients of Linda Manning. 


"Working with Linda Manning was absolutely the best experience anyone could have in buying a home. Linda provided all the information we needed, reminded us of deadlines and what we had to do. She went above and beyond to make sure we understood the processes and helped us work with everyone in the transaction. Linda stated she would be there for us and that is exactly what she did. Her expertise got us through every question and problem that popped up. We are very grateful to have been able to work with Linda, she made buying our home a truly positive experience!" - A & J Cremins

"Linda was wonderful to work with, she's knowledgeable and helpful. She guided us through every step of the process with ease and patience. We'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home and will definitely come back to her if we ever decided to sell or buy another property. - M. Resenly 

"Linda knows Topsail Island and the surrounding area like the back of her hand. She worked hard to find places we might be interested in, even when our objectives changed while we figured out our future course. Let Linda know what you're looking for and she will help you find it." - A. Andrews

" Linda Manning went above and beyond, she was awesome and very dedicated to selling our house." - M & R Johnson

" I am very satisfied with my purchase. Linda Manning went above what I normally would expert. It has been a pleasure working with her, she represents Lewis Realty Associates very professional." - W. Spence

" I can not say enough good stuff about my buying experience. My agent was always ready to go when I called and I know I kept her running. She was very knowledgeable pointing out thing I might have missed. I can't say how much I appreciated her expertise. Thank you, Linda." - U & J Pendergrass

"After my wife and I spent the summer of 2014 at North Topsail Beach, we fell in love with the area immediately.  We are from Arkansas and coming to North Topsail was like a dream. At the time a dream is all it was. We were saddened the day we had to leave the beach house we rented from Lewis Realty. During our stay, we decided to go to the real estate office and began inquiring about looking into purchasing a home later in the year. That is when we met Linda Manning. We started out by looking at a variety of homes along the first row and then the second row. After we left the island, we still had not found the perfect one yet, but Linda is persistent and she and our daughter who already lives in North Carolina continued to make it their mission to find us that perfect home. They spent the next few weeks and weekends looking at homes that may meet our criteria. Even though we were doing this from long distance, Linda made us part of her everyday life by giving us a call to let us know where we stood on looking for that perfect home. A few weeks later, that perfect home was found!! Linda worked tirelessly to get the ball rolling and start the process of making the best offer that we could get. Once again, Linda did an amazing job staying in contact with us, our daughter, the mortgage company and the sellers. She wanted to make sure everything was done to perfection. Now, that dream is not just a dream, but a reality. We have that perfect beach home we have dreamed of for so long and we also gained a lifelong friend along the way and her name is Linda." - J & V Bryant - December 2014






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